Cubs On Water

A Canoist

 The Scout Section has Kontiki, but before then Cubs can
 get into a canoe at Cubs on Water.

 The event will next be on 02/06/12

 N.B. This is now on Sunday

 Contact your leader for details.

District Block Cars

Block Cars

 The annual Block Car Races are a parent and child event.
 Once a block of wood has been changed into a car each
 pack has their own finals and then all the winners goto the
 District Final to decide that years overall winner.

 Next year the finals are on 19/10/13

 Contact your leader for details.

Cross Country


 Cubs join the Beavers, Scouts and Explorer Scouts at the
 District's Cross County.

 The event will next be on 17/03/13

 Contact your leader for details.

5 a-side

Ebbsfleet Utd 08-09

 Inter pack 5 a-side football tournament

 Next years tournament is on 29/06/13.

 Contact your leader for details.

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