30/04/15 Gravesham Scouts feature in double page picture special of St. Georges Day parade.

27/04/15 2015 JP Bond Camp details added click here.

26/04/15 Gravesham Scouts hold annual St. Georges Day parade through Gravesend to Town Centre Square.

19/12/14 2015 Winter Camp details added click here.

09/11/14 Members of Gravesham Scouts attended Remembrance
parades in Gravesend, Northfleet, Higham, Meopham, Shorne
& Culverstone and Vigo

08/11/12 Date of 2014 District AGM announced as 8/12/14

11/06/14 JP Bond 2014 documents added, click here.

06/05/14 Updated Appointment Forms added,
click here

18/04/14 Details of District Hike 2014 added,
click here

29/01/14 Winter Camp cancelled, Hillcraft section on Sunday morning, still on.

06/01/14 Next 1st response course 26 Jan,
see e-mail sent 4 Jan, for details.

22/12/13 District Scout Shop reopens 14 January 2014

17/12/13 2014 Winter Camp and Easter Hillcraft details added click here.

10/11/13 Members of Gravesham Scouts attended Remembrance
parades in Gravesend, Northfleet, Higham, Meopham, Shorne

31/07/13 Details or new Shrimpy awards
& updated AGM details released.

30/06/13 Pictures from JP Bond 2013 click here.

08/06/13 JP Bond 2013 documents added, click here.

20/01/13 Please note the Leaders Forum & Camp 26-27 Jan

16/12/12 Updated Occasional Helper (OH) form added, click here.

06/12/12 Details of Bell Boat Helms course for Leaders added,
click here

05/12/12 Details of two new Scout events added Winter Camp 2103
and Easter Hillcraft 2013.

05/12/12 Explorers Normandy Trip 2012 pictures added click here.

02/12/12 Member of Gravesham District honoured for 70 years
service. See the Bulletin issued today for more.

01/12/12 REMINDER 03/12/12 All Scouters meeting

11/11/12 Members of Gravesham Scouts attended Remembrance
parades in Gravesend, Northfleet, Higham, Meopham, Shorne
& Normandy in Northern France. To name but a few

03/10/12 2013 District programme added Click Here

05/08/12 Details of two new Scout events added Service Day and.
Backwoods Camp.

31/07/12 It has been announced that the DDC has stepped down
to take a role with County overseeing DofE.

01/07/12 Pictures from JP Bond 2012 click here.

18/06/12 Leader training dates updated for 2012 click here.

15/06/12 For details of the County Skills day on 30th June, please see the e-mail issued today.

13/06/12 Kontiki 2012 pictures added click here.

07/06/12 Gravesham Scouts beacon featured in Gravesend Reporter, click here.

05/06/12 Jubilee Camp pictures added click here.

23/05/12 JP Bond 2012 Documentation added click here.

23/04/12 - Pictures from St Georges Day Parade 2012 added
click here

04/04/12 It is wish much sadness that we have to report the sad loss of Peter Keane

26/03/12 - Details of St Georges Day Parade 2012 added
click here

26/03/12 - Details of Leader Training added click here.

18/03/12 - Details of District Jubilee camp added click here.

21/01/12 - District Cross Country on 18th March
has been POSTPONED. This is due to it clashing with Mothering
Sunday and the concerns expressed by leaders regarding
 attendance. Full details can be seen in the e-mail issued by the
DC on Friday 20th January.

04/01/12 Winter Camp and Easter Hillcraft details added click here.

Pre 2012...

13/11/11 Members of Gravesham District attend Remembrance
 Parades throughout the Borough of Gravesham.

03/10/11 Don't forget the District Quiz is on Saturday 19th November 2011. click here.

07/09/11 Don't forget the District AGM is on Monday 26th September 2011.

27/06/11 The A227 has re-opened.
According to the Meopham Parish Council
the repairs are not satisfactory and will need correcting.
Which could mean futher road closures.

23/06/11 18:00 According to the Meopham Parish Council
website the A227 is
should be open by Sunday 26th June.

22/06/11 ROAD CLOSURE IN MEOPHAM. Please be advised that
the A227 Wrotham Road is closed again.
The road is closed between Meopham Green and
Leylands Farm near Hopehill.
Hopehill remains open with access from Vigo in the south.
We understand the road will be closed until at
least Friday 24th June. See the Meopham Parish Council website for more information

04/05/11 - The District announces that Gravesham Scouts Open
Day (incoporating Circle of Friends) has been cancelled. This
was due to a lack of support, the DC said "We would however like
to express our thanks and gratitude to the following people who
did come forward and offer their support and services: Bill S,
Paul B & Team (Air Rifles), the Archery Team, 1st Northfleet Band,
Gravesham Scout Active Support (GSAS), 1st Northfleet,
5th Northfleet, All Explorer Units, Network,
Bob D and Hopehill Service Team" 
see the latest edition of the Bulletin

17/04/11 - District St George Day Parade held in Fort Gardens.

08/03/11 - District All Scouters meeting is on Monday 14th March
20:00- 21:00 and the badge shop will be open from 19:00 - 20:00.
Tea and coffee will be available during this period.
This is your meeting and your chance to have a say in what goes
on in District. The badge shop will also be open as usual on
Tuesday 15th from 20:00- 21:00.

06/02/11 - District Cub Treasure Hunt Postponed
until District Cub Camp.

22/01/11 ROAD REOPENED. Please be advised that
the A227 Wrotham Road, in Meopham reopened
on Thursday 20th January. Therefore it is business as
usual at Hopehill including Exec Committe and Scout Shop.

04/01/11 Scout Shop on 4th January has been cancelled!
Due to the road closure.

04/01/11 ROAD CLOSURE IN MEOPHAM. Please be advised that
the A227 Wrotham Road is closed due to a hole in the ground.
Click Here. There is a diversion but journeys will take longer
than normal.

03/01/11 It is wish much sadness that we have to report the sad loss of Vin Fairman

24/12/10 Riverview Park Scout Group and members of the
District's Explorers, keep long running community tradition going.
Click Here
 (This is a link to an external site.)

03/12/10 The All Scouters on Monday 6th December has been CANCELLED.  Click here to see Hopehill earlier this week.

03/12/10 The Beaver party on Saturday 4th December has been CANCELLED.

03/12/10 Due to the current weather conditions the Toy collection
will not take place in the St. Georges Centre on Saturday 4th
December. Anyone wishing to donate should take them to the
Reporter offices in Gravesend until 10th December. Alternatively
they can be taken to Hopehill on Tuesday 14th December.

30/11/10 Winter Camp & Easter Hillcraft 2011 details added
Click here for details    Click here for documents

27/11/10 Gravesham Scouts announce their support of this years Toy appeal by local newspaper The Gravesend Reporter.
Click here for poster

24/11/10 Scout Association Appointment Forms added to Downloads section Click here

21/11/10 1st Response on 5th December has been cancelled

16/11/10 2011 District Programme released Click here

15/11/10 Remembrance 2010 Pictures add Click here

11/11/10 The deadline for the District quiz is fast approaching 
see the latest edition of the Bulletin

10/11/10 The District will be participation in various Rememberance Parades across the Borough on Sunday 14th.

13/10/10 We have been asked to publish the following
tribute to Dennis Hobbs.

12/10/10 We have been advised that the funeral of Dennis Hobbs
will be on Friday 22nd October 2010 at St John's Church,
Meopham, @ 10.30am and then at Medway Crematorium for family
and close friends, followed by a gathering at Hopehill.

12/10/10 It is wish much sadness that we have to report the sad loss of Dennis Hobbs

03/10/10 DC & DDC issued invite to all the District's leaders 
see the latest edition of the Bulletin

02/10/10 Details of further changes to District team, outlined in the   latest edition of the Bulletin

27/09/10 District hold their annual AGM. Further changes made to District team, more news to follow.

17/09/10 Important Message from National HQ on Safety in Scouting issued today. See e-mail sent by DC.
Click Here if you didn't recieve the e-mail.

14/09/10 Scouts Winter Adventure Day details released. click here.

23/08/10 Autumn Hillcraft details added. click here.

12/08/10 Invitation to Emergency Services Day issued. click here.

11/07/10 36 Explorers attend Gilwell 24
To find out more visit

12/06/10 JP Bond Documentation added click here.

18/05/10 DC announces appointment of his new DDC.
See his e-mail issued today for full details.

26/04/10 Gravesham District hold their annual St George's Day
 Parade in Fort Gardens, Gravesend.

20/04/10 Downloadable Fact Sheet and Record Card for
Young Leaders added click here.

20/04/10 Details of this Sunday's St Georges Day Parade updated
click here.

05/04/10 New DC named See the latest edition of the Bulletin

31/03/10 As from 1st April 2010 Gravesham Scout Fellowship will
 change its name to Gravesham Scout Active Support (SAS)
Click Here to visit their new page.

31/03/10 GSL's are remined that it is a requirement to complete
 the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) survey and return a copy to
 the ADC Specical Needs. Click Here to download the survey

13/03/10 Revised District programme released click here.
Changes include Cross Country on 21st, changes for
1st Response dates and Christingle.

28/02/10 Next weeks Cross Country on 7th March has been postponed!

28/02/10 Cross Country will now be on 21st March

12/02/10 We have been advised that Stan Kemp's funeral will be
 on Thursday 18th February, 10:40am at Charing crematourim.
 Family flowers only have been requested but donations in Stan's
 memory will be accepted and the intention is to divide them
 between Scouting and the Kent & East Sussex Railway.

11/01/10 The 1st Response course cancelled on 10 Jan will
 now be Sun 23 Jan 0915 for 0930. Bookings can be made
 in the normal way.

10/01/10 Gravesham Explorers 'camp' at Gilwell Winter Camp 2010

14/12/09: 2010 District Programme added click here.

25/11/09 Somme 2009 pics added click here.

25/10/09: This website has received notification that the Rosherville Group has closed

03/10/09: Jamboree Selection Camp will be 20-22/11/09 Click Here

21/09/09: District hold their AGM click here

20/09/09: Please note Bell Boat Challenge is 03-04/10/09 and the Mayor's Boundary Walk is 10-11/10/09 not the other way round as advertised in some programmes.

15/09/09: REMINDER District AGM is on Mon 21/09/09 @ 20:00

09/09/09: The District Cub Treasure Hunt on Sunday 13/09/09 has been cancelled.

06/09/09: Jamboree selection camp postponed
 until later in the year.

31/08/09: New District Website Launched.

09/07/09: Jamboree selection camp is 11-13/09/09 click here

07/07/09: 2009 District AGM will be on 21st September.

01/06/09: Kontiki 2009 pictures added click here

19/04/09: District holds annual St. Georges Day Parade<./p>

18/04/09: Fourth site built.

11/04/09: Third site built.

07/04/09: ADC Beavers Retires.

18/03/09: St. Georges Day Parade now 19th April. Click here for more details.

08/03/09: District Cross Country held. Chalk win Cub races.
Sputnik won Explorer race, Apollo were top Explorer Unit.

16/01/09: Second site built.

22/09/08: At the District AGM 6 Young Leader Belts are awared, DofE Bronze awards and log service awards. The Borough Mayor and County Commisioner expressed their thanks for the work done by Leaders in the District.

18/09/08: The dates for the Bell Boat Challenge and Mayors Bounday Walk have been switched. Bell Boats are now 4th & 5th  October & Mayors Boundary Walk is 11th & 12th October.

01/09/08: Webmaster appointed, first site built

The District also publishes a monthly Bulletin, click here to find out more.

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